One Family's Quest to Eat Local Ingredients

Just Grillin’– Local Meal #1

In Meals on May 9, 2011 at 12:07 pm

The kids came home from school all excited about the blue sky and warm temperatures.  They begged me to grill outside and eat.  Well, grilling was not on the menu but I couldn’t resist.  So, after a trip to the deep freezer I found….

Ribeye Steaks (from our 1/4 cow bought from a local farmer)

Grean Beans (from last season…local produce stand)

Corn (from last season…local produce stand)

I thought great a 100% local meal on my first try! 

Then comes home the husband with watermelon (great for grilling, but not local) and salad dressing from a local restaurant (not a chain store).  Does that count as local?  I think so for now. 

So dinner, although very yummy, was nothing fancy and I was able to achieve a very close to local menu!


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