One Family's Quest to Eat Local Ingredients

Rules of the Game

In Rules on May 9, 2011 at 7:56 am

I often play games with my children.  It seems for every birthday or holiday a new game enters our house.  This finds us reading over the rules for playing and setting the standard.  As we start a new growing season in our area, I thought it would be fun to challenge our family largest game yet. 

Can we eat locally?  Is it possible?  What can we get locally and what will we have to rely on the store for?   How infrequent can I enter a Megamart and how frequently can I obtain our food from local farmers and merchants.   It’s my goal to serve my family food that is close to its natural state as possible. 

How will this impact our…






Well the best games at our house have rules that are simple.  That being said read on for the rules of our new game!

1. Local ingredients are the first priority. 

2. If we have to get an ingredient from the store, we will search out organic alternatives to local.

3. Conventional products come last (and hopefully at a bare minimum…we’ll see)  Conventional Products cannot contain preservatives and can only contain real, whole recognizable ingredients.

Now it’s off to tell the kids there’s a new game in the house.  I wonder what they will say??


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