One Family's Quest to Eat Local Ingredients

In Search of Game Pieces……What I Can Get Locally & What I can’t get locally–yet!!!

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As I’ve been reflecting on what I can obtain from local sources in my area, it forces me to ponder further what I can get locally and how I’m going to define local.  When I read the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I started thinking of what locally means.  What can I get locally and what do I need to search for on our quest to improve our eating and our health.

I think a good goal for obtaining local items for our family is going to be within 100 miles .  We live within an hour of 3 major cities and that gives me a lot of wiggle room into finding some really good farmers markets and local merchants to obatin my items when I’m near them.  I’m definately not going out of my way at $4/gallon gas prices.  In the past, we have gone straight to the farm to get our items below, but I’m hoping to find some good farmers market’s nearby that can help me find some items that I’m currently having to buy at the store.

I have determined I can get the following items locally….

produce  (we have several farmers nearby and a farmers market I just found in a newspaper article)

meat, chicken, pork (we have 1/4 cow in the deep freezer from a local farmer, our monthly chicken pick ups start next week, the chicken people do pork)

eggs (see produce)

maple syrup (we have a local health foods store that sells syrup from a local farmer and a farm nearby that processes their own syrup)

honey (we have a bee keeper nearby that sells honey… more on how you can substitute this for sugar in almost anything)

Now the tricky part. These are the pieces of our game that we are going to have to source out organically (hopefully not conventionally) while I look for local options…….




orange juice (I don’t know if I can ever get this one local…going to have to ponder it’s importance)

peanut butter






I’m going to be searching high and low to lower this list.

If you are wanting to start looking for local farmers and farmers markets in your area you can start with

Anyone have suggestions for where I can find items on my not found list? Anything I’ve missed?   What is your favorite thing about farmers markets?

This post is linked to Works For Me Wednesday!


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