One Family's Quest to Eat Local Ingredients

Chicken Pick Up #1 The May Issue

In Local Shopping Trips on May 22, 2011 at 12:50 pm

I’ve had a very busy week and it has pulled me from blogging…..

Once a month we go to a local farm and pick up our chickens for the month.  This runs from May to October and then in November we can pick up Turkeys.  We order in advance for the season.  These birds eat little feed (which is organic which also means non GMO) and spend their days munching bugs and other critters as it was intended.  The have free range of their space and are not confined to a poultry house for 3 weeks before they are slaughtered under stressful conditions (that is if they make it).  These birds free range for 6 weeks with a very low stress lifestyle and the result is a wonderful juicy bird.  They are killed in the early morning and we pick them up fresh that evening.

I do have to pay 2.85 a pound for these birds.  However, I can usually get 3-4 meals per bird plus chicken stock.  So I believe it evens out, plus I’m getting organic meat and stock!

This month we got 3 chickens. (Sorry, forgot photo and now they are resting nicely in my deep freezer).

They also typically have 2 organic meat farmers there for pick up day.  I didn’t get to go to pick ups this time, but my husband brought me home a card from a farmer who is now attending pick up day.  They are advertising organic cheeses!  Mark that off my list of things I can’t find locally!  YUM!

This month due to our busy schedule we froze all 3 whole.  Typically we process each bird differently and make stock the next day.  I’m thinking up some new recipies for my new birds!


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