One Family's Quest to Eat Local Ingredients


In Local Shopping Trips on June 7, 2011 at 2:11 am

We went the the farmer’s market that is really close to our house to see what she had in stock.  Keep in mind the produce she grows and is completely organic and the farms she gets the other produce from can be conventional.  There a few things that she is getting from suppliers.  I always ask and she is always willing to tell me where the food came from!


It’s always a good thing to talk to the farmer.  Ask them questions like where did you grow this?  What are your growing practices/beliefs?  Do you spray with pesticides etc.  This will give you an idea of how your food is grown and whether or not this farmer actually grew your food.  I have a good relationship with this particular market and my kids have actually picked produce!  With the rise in popularity of farmer’s markets, I have read many reports where people obtain their produce from suppliers (gasp….even the grocery store) and resell it to you at the farmer’s market.  You think you are getting farm fresh produce when really it could have been grown in California or you could have obtained it from the grocery yourself.  It’s imortant to ask.

Anyway, because this particular market starts a lot in greenhouses there was a lot available!

I got

1 dz. ears of sweet corn (organic and first of the season…so excited!!)

5 small peaches (obtained from a farm in the south)

Quart of Cherry Tomatoes (organic)

Several large tomatoes (organic)

2 large bags of mixed greens a.k.a. salad mix (this season is going to be short with all the heat we’ve been having!)

*plus she let the boys sample several cherry tomatoes.

Total cost $19

I KNOW if  I had been in the grocery store, I would have picked up a lot more misc. items here and there (especially because I had the kids with me) and spend a lot more!  That’s the nice thing about farmer’s markets/produce stands that I have discovered, your impulse buys are so different and less!!!

I hope to hit the mennonite farmers market today before we go swimming!  I will remember to take a photo!



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