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The Wonderful and Amazing Things You Can Do With STRAWBERRIES!!

In Local Shopping Trips on June 8, 2011 at 3:03 am

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So Juicy!

Well, the strawberry patch that we pick finally opened.  With all the rain we had in our region it slowed things down a bit.  However, the result were tasty, juicy berries that were worth the wait! I’m thankful to the large strawberry farms far far away from my home when I need a fix of strawberries in the dead of winter, but NOTHING compares to how they taste fresh picked from a local farm.   We went to a small strawberry farm that we found from


(sorry about the computer glitch, I can’t figure out why we went to dotted underline and italics, but it won’t go away!) 🙂

An older couple ran the farm with help from their kids and grandkids!  They use minimal spraying before the fruit appears on the plant.   There were lots of people picking their berries and looking at the license plates they came from distances hours away.   The picking experience was fantastic!  I could sit down and just fill and fill my box with fantastic looking berries!  My husband and kids helped and in about 20-30 minutes we had 35 pounds…..yes 35 pounds of strawberries!

35 lbs. of berries!

We paid our $35 and went home! I learned that picking your own is not only a good way to help a farmer, but I chose the size and quality of the berry that went into my box, and I saved a ton of money.  In our area the little green quarts you see on the left would cost me $3.50.  I paid  $1.75.  Okay so now I need a plan.  That’s a lot of berries!

I plan on making…(check back for recipes)

freezer jelly

Jelly omlets

Fresh Strawberry pancakes

Waffles with Strawberry maple syrup

Strawberry Muffins

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothies

Mixed Green Salad with Strawberries (and other goodies!)



Okay, my family of 5 ate all 35 pounds of berries.  Yes, all 35 pounds!!!  They were that GOOD!  We had to go back last night  and pick 18 more pounds to make the above listed things. Don’t forget to check back for these great recipes!


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